What's Your Next Step?

Meet the teachers of the future. Passionate, empowered, and real.

What is Next Step Ed.?

We are the teachers of the future. We believe that being a teacher is a calling, and that passionate teachers are empowered teachers. To be a Next Step Teacher, you must be inspired by your work and pass that inspiration and knowledge along to your students in a way that works.

Next Step Ed. has long been a vision of a different type of education. We are advocates for the independent teacher. We come from music teachers, who have always known the value of mentorship and individual coaching, nourishing creativity and passion. We want to extend that to other fields, anything that serves the greater good to mankind and the greater world that we live in. 

We each have gifts and knowledge that we are inherently driven to share. Conversely, we all have a thirst for knowledge and experience that calls to us, urging us to push our boundaries and to explore our world, enlightening ourselves and others. Next Step is all about using this to create positive change in the world. Not only for the exchange of information but for the development of the human experience.

The new world that we will all be living in is the one we create. Next Step Ed. is an outlet for teachers to connect with students, develop and distribute teaching materials, and organize community programs. Help us create this new experience. Be a part of something bigger, and share your best self with your students and your mentors.



Love, Create, Enjoy


Teach With Us

Do you want to take your teaching to the next level? Publish yourself and your skills. Your classes, your curriculum, your videos, we are all about you. Change the world with your gifts, your passion, and your knowledge. We are here to help you do just that.

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