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Music clubs that foster a love of music.

Here's what other educators are saying about Next Step Ed.

“The Next Step Ed. program has been so beneficial to our scholars. Through this program, we have been able to increase our after-school club offerings. We received over 200 applicants who were interested in being a part of this program. The instructors are always on time and hold our scholars accountable for their learning. Our scholars are learning to read music, mathematical notes, and learning to play the keyboard. Our scholars walk into Reedy Creek, holding their keyboards with pride. The Next Step Ed. program instructors even hold practice during our early release days. This act demonstrates their commitment to our school and scholars. At Reedy Creek Elementary our goal is to reach the whole child, this program allows our scholars to tap into their musical talent. I am excited about this partnership and anxiously awaits the spring performance.”- Mr. Robinson, Principal, Reedy Creek


"Next Step Ed. is a great addition to the clubs at our school.  Students look forward to coming to piano and guitar club.  So far this year we have had two semesters of piano and one of guitar.  It is such a great program that students are disappointed when they hear the club is full and they cannot join this semester.  As a music educator, it is so nice to see students carrying their instruments with smiles on their faces.  I have seen the teachers work with the students and they are so positive and nurturing.  Students feel comfortable learning at their own pace and they feel confident showing their skills at performance time.  Thank you, Mr. Hunt and the Next Step Ed. team, for teaching my students more about the love of music."-Ms. Derry, Music Teacher, Ballantyne Elementary

Making music education fun for the kids.

Having grown up in a family of musicians where learning to play instruments was more of a chore than an avocation, founder Jacob Hunt has spent 8 years continuously crafting and honing the Magical Musical Tour music book series to make our approach engaging for young musicians in a group or individual setting.  Students are guided by the characters Reeni, Li’l Frank, and his dog, Finny while they travel around the world while learning music fundamentals so that they have the tools to go on and learn whatever type of music sings to them.  Our piano and guitar teachers work with each club to tailor lessons that engage students and foster a love for music so kids will want to play more.

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Ensuring access to everyone for the community.

We believe every student has the right to explore and pursue their interests. As such, we aim to provide opportunities for young learners with a piqued interest in music to learn fundamentals that will help them grow as musicians and people.  Since the Spring of 2018, our All For Music scholarship fund has brought quality music lessons to 190 Charlotte-Mecklenburg School students at reduced costs, and we intend to continue to fund those efforts. Click here to donate to the All For Music Scholarship Fund.  We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit so your donations are tax-deductible and 100% of your donations goes directly to the student’s tuition.

Quality music education that is convenient for the parents.

Our piano & guitar clubs meet before or after school on your child’s campus which gives you an extra hour for yourself each week.  Everything your child needs, including instrument and music book, are included in the tuition cost. Students receive their instrument and music book at their first lesson and will take them home during the week to practice and play, then bring them to school on the days their club meets.  At the end of the session, your child will return their instrument (unless you are registered for the next session) but they get to keep their book!

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