Have a Question?

Check over this list and see if it is one of our most common questions. If you don't see it here, go ahead and give us a call, or email us.

    • Where are classes held?
Classes are held on campus, right after school, one day each week. For class times specific to your child's school will be on their class page and the registration page.
  • How will my child know where to go after school?
  • It is very important that you notify their classroom teacher and any after school care staff that your child reports to. Our teachers arrive at school just before dismissal and set up in the classroom very briefly before we begin our lessons. Dismissal procedures are controlled by school administration and classroom teachers, so they will be able to get your child where they need to go. Reminding your child and sending them with their instrument or a note will help too.


    • How do I sign up?
Easy. Just go to the Registration Page, find your class, and follow the "Register" link next to it. You will be taken to a form where we will collect the necessary contact information and you can pay online right there at the bottom. Once you submit that form, they are on our rosters and welcome to start attending our classes.
    • Can I sign up in the middle of the month?
Absolutely. Your first payment prorated according to how many lessons they've missed in the month.
    • How do I take my child out of classes?
We hope that you won't want to, but if you do, just email us or give us a call to let us know. You will be responsible for paying for the current month and any previous balance on your account, but you will not be billed for any further months.


    • How do I make payments?
Your first payment will be made when you register and enter a credit or debit card. All registered families can access their account, view payments and fees, and make payments on their own through the Parent Login.
    • When are payments due?
Invoices are sent out during the last week of the month by email, and payments are due on the 1st. On the 5th, a $10 late fee will be added for each account with an outstanding balance.
    • Can I pay by check?
Yes, but please, we say again please, don't give it to your child to hand to the teacher. Teachers do not handle accounts during class, they are focused on teaching, and they don't report back to an office after class. Please mail the check to:
Next Step Educators
P.O. Box 5132
Charlotte, NC 28299

Instruments and Rentals

    • Does my child need to bring an instrument to class?
Yes. Each child needs an instrument to use in class to ensure they are practicing material as they learn it.
    • Do I have to rent one?
No, you can buy one, just check out the Guidelines on the Instruments Page first.
    • Will the teacher have spares if we forget ours one day or are waiting on a new one?
Yes. Teachers keep two or so on hand in case they are needed. Students that come to class without one are welcome to use them, but must be willing to share if needed.
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