Welcome to the Next Step Hall of Fame

Introducing the Next Step Hall of Fame

Here we showcase the efforts and talents of our most motivated students. Those who practice and prevail, those who work hard and achieve, and those who let their musical gifts shine. We want to reward our most dedicated students, and give them the recognition they deserve.

Students inducted in the Hall of Fame, as well as their families, will be spokespersons for Next Step and for Music Education everywhere. They will inspire other students by sharing their experiences, helping them overcome obstacles and being examples to help others succeed.

The first step to have your child considered for the Hall of Fame is to submit a short introduction video, featuring your family, your child, and telling us of their experience in the Next Step program. We expect videos to be 2-4 minutes and include the following:

  • A “Hello” from the family and student
  • Tell us where your child began musically as they entered our program
  • Tell us about your experience with Next Step
  • What does your child dream to do in the future? (Musically preferred, but all dreams accepted)

Some Optional Extras

  • A short performance on their learned instrument
  • A story about a special experience in our class
  • A story about a teacher that stands out to you
  • Explain a challenge you overcame in your musical Journey

Be creative! This is a chance to have fun and celebrate your progress. Those applicants who really shine will go on to round two, when we discuss with our teachers which students have been great examples all year in leadership, enthusiasm, and of course, musical progress.


We encourage everyone to participate, and as a token of our gratitude, all videos submitted that meet these guidelines will receive $5 off of their next tuition payment. All videos may be used in future Next Step Ed. marketing materials and publications, so please refrain from using personal information beyond first names and schools in the video.

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