Every Student Needs an Instrument

It is imperative that your child brings a guitar or keyboard to their class! 

Teachers generally have a spare or two in class, but sending your child to class with their own instrument will ensure that they will be able to participate fully.


Rent From Us

We offer take home guitar or keyboard rentals. Teachers hand out the instruments on the first day, students bring them to class each week through the class and have them at home during the weeks to practice.

You may order a rental during registration. Simply answer "Yes" to this question on the registration form. If you have already registered and would like to add a rental to your account, see below.

Purchasing an Instrument

If you're planning to stick to it, you might want to purchase an instrument. Take a look at our guidelines below for purchasing your new musical instrument, fit for use in our after school class.

The Guitar To Buy

We recommend the Yamaha JR-1, or a similar model, with a case. Most elementary age kids will need a 3/4 size guitar.

Kids should be able to comfortably reach the top frets of the guitar.

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The Keyboard to Buy

We recommend the Casio SA-76 model keyboard, or a similar model.

Please make sure the keyboard is small enough for your child to carry to school and battery powered. We do not use plugs in class.

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Purchase Keyboard Bag

If you purchase a keyboard, you will want a keyboard bag to go with it. We didn't see a good case option out there, so we started making our own! 

Purchase one from us for $28, we ship it straight to you.

Order Keyboard Bag

Add a rental to your completed registration

If you have already registered without a rental, and would like to add a rental to your account now, please fill out this form and we will charge it to your account and get i

Add Rental to your Account