Every Student Gets an Instrument


All students registered for our before/after school club will receive an instrument at their first class.  Students will be able to take it home to practice, then bring it to school with them on the days their piano or guitar club meets.  Our teachers will bring 1 or 2 spare instruments for children who happen to forget their instrument that day.

Returning your instrument is easy!

After the fall session if your child is registered for the coming spring session, they can keep their instrument over winter break at no additional cost.  After the spring session, you can rent your child's instrument for the summer for $25.

If you are unsure if your young musician is joining the next session, they will return it to their teacher at their last class of the current session.




The Guitar We Rent

We use 3/4 size acoustic guitars in our guitar program.  Smaller guitars are better because young guitarists can develop bad habits trying to play on a guitar that is too big.  All guitars come with a soft guitar case.


The Keyboard We Rent

We use the Casio SA-76 model keyboard.  It is a personal portable keyboard that is easy enough for even 1st graders to bring to piano club.  It comes with a hand-made carrying case to make it even easier to bring back & forth.