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Bring Lessons to my Child's School

Help establish after-school programs by taking this survey, telling us where you are and what you want offered at your school.

Become an Ambassador

Being a NSE Ambassador means promoting and coordinating within your school and community. You receive free or reduced tuition for programs, and help families near you.

Donate to the Cause

We are a 501c3 non-profit organization and will gratefully accept financial help and put it to good use. Recognition and gratitude will abound when you help empower your community with life skills and knowledge.

In-School Music Teachers

Serve your student body by creating meaningful after school programs for interested students. We offer support of all kinds and want to see you succeed. Collaborate and build your music program with our help.

Independent Teachers

Musicians that teach with us get paid great wages and build a career as a music teacher. We encourage you to build private lesson student list at the close of our sessions, and your skill and confidence as a teacher throughout.


 Become a school, community, or corporate sponsor and give back to your commmunity. Ongoing partnerships benefit all involved, and will pave the road going forward.

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